Buildings in Moscow

At present, the future of the Russian real estate market is not only lazy people are interested. For some, it is – an idle concern for others – is largely practical. Too many developers of new buildings are sounding the alarm, the media is constantly predicting possible impending collapse in prices at a heightened pace, and this background, the quality of the company whose services is the sale of luxury buildings look like islands of stability. I am sure that wealthy people frightened by the prospect to reduce the cost of assets? Perhaps they are confident that thanks to its status as an exclusive and limited proposal will always be the price, regardless of these jumps occur in the masses and buy a new building – it is always a profitable investment. These changes never take place without a trace, they tend to involve a chain of both positive and negative consequences that will soon lead to large changes in the public consciousness. The current situation in the real estate market – it is proof of this. The investment boom, followed by a trend of massive investment of free funds in the new buildings in Moscow and ended with the stop of the rapid growth of the cost of such housing. Various forecasts, predicted a collapse in prices for new buildings in Moscow and the new buildings in Moscow, the new round of growth, stimulate an interest in acquiring this caution and reflection in action sequences. Perhaps the current crisis will serve as good examples and make people think big, to adequately assess the situation and, of course, choose to capital items that really stand up under such difficult conditions. These objects can be easily classified buildings in Moscow and the new buildings in the suburbs. At this point, the volume of sales of new proposals in Moscow is about 4200 apartments. The share of economy-class apartments have 49% of the sites, business-class – 31, and luxury apartments in new buildings, only 20%. Apartments in new suburbs in recent years become a great alternative to the capital’s housing. A growing number of buyers seeking to purchase housing in environmentally friendly areas of the Moscow region. Clean air, abundant greenery, the availability of water make the new buildings in the suburbs attractive to many buyers. Homes that are now being built in the suburbs, the quality is not inferior to new buildings in Moscow, and often even surpass them.


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